Civil Servant Training Process 2018 1st Half Completed

From May 14 to June 19, 2018, civil servants’ training process, envisaging trainings for 1781 civil servants, at the expense of state funds was underway. 

Trainings have been held on eight programs, seven of which by Public Administration Academy (on “RA Constitutional Reforms and Civil Service in the context of legislative changes”, “Human Resource Management”, “Strengthening Integrity and Anticorruption Skills”, “Psychology of Management in Public Service”, “Labor Code in Public Sector”, “Project Management Skills”, “Investment Policy”), and one by Armenian State University of Economics (on “Business Process Analysis and Development Skills”).
As a result, 1765 civil servants have been trained in the framework of the abovementioned programs, of which 1666 have been trained at PAA and 99 at ASUE respectively.
This year Civil Service training process differed by its format and content determined by the logic of comprehensive reforms in civil service system.
Earlier this year, the RA Civil Service Council organized, and jointly with respective agencies, implemented an overall training needs assessment in civil service, on the basis of which the aforementioned programs were approved: of the previously held two-week (72 hour) trainings were replaced by trainings lasting 1 to 5-days (8-36 hour).
The implemented innovations aim at maximizing the use of allocated resources and make the process more relevant and targeted.
Development Programs and Professional Excellence Department of RA CSC has monitored the whole training process and provided civil servants’ feedback. In this context, a survey has been conducted among civil servants, wherein 80% of trained civil servants have participated.
Monitoring and polls aimed at revealing the effectiveness of the new format, its content, the study room facilities and equipment, the relevance of allocated hours, and selected topics as well as their topicality, the level of competency of trainers and other factors of training process on the basis of the survey and feedback by civil servants.
Civil Service Council will soon wrap up the results of monitoring and survey and submit the final report.

P.S. It is to be reminded, that in the months of February and March of the current year, 92 civil servants have been trained at the expense of resources not prohibited by legislation, 48 of which by “Freedom of Information Center” NGO on “Freedom of information and public relations in administration system” and 44 have been trained on “HRM capacity building. Finnish experience” organized jointly by Finnish Institute of Public Administration and RA Civil Service Council.