Workshop on Human Resources Management and Capacity Building within PADOS Project

On 7 March 2018, a workshop on human resources management and capacity building was held within the framework of PADOS II Project at the RA Ministry of Finance organized through the joint efforts of RA Civil Service Council, RA Ministry of Finance, and Finnish Institute of Public Management (HAUS).
The participants were welcomed by the RA Minister of Finance Vardan Aramyan, the Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan, and HAUS Director General Anneli Temmes. Among the participants were over 50 specialists in charge of HRM units from different agencies representing the civil service system.
The RA Minister of Finance Vardan Aramyan underscored the role of such events, noting that the Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to human resource management.
“At the Ministry of Finance, we aim to develop two key directions: human resource management and introduction of digital technologies. The workshop provides a good opportunity to benchmark the local and international experience”, said Minister Aramyan.
The Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan mentioned that the Project is a successful platform to gain insight into development trends, to enrich knowledge and experience targeted at enhancing the efficiency of public administration of Eastern Partnership countries. “The Project has contributed to the implementation of public administration reforms in our country. Our commitment to implementing reforms is built upon a number of priorities such as increasing the efficiency of state institutions, aligning human resources management with the strategic objectives of the state, ensuring accountability, transparency, professionalism and more”, noted Manvel Badalyan.
The Director General of the Finnish Institute of Public Management (HAUS) Anneli Temmes extended her appreciation to Armenian peers for the effective and continuous cooperation and underlined that developing public leadership and HR are the key components to reform the public sector and build a well-functioning public administration.
Representatives of the RA CSC, the Ministry of Finance of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Public Management (HAUS) delivered reports during the workshop, followed by a discussion on the field related envisaged reforms.