TAIEX workshop and training for HRM officials

The RA Civil Service Council in cooperation with the European Commission organized a two-day TAIEX workshop on “Recruitment and Selection of Civil Servants”, 7-8 December, Yerevan.
The workshop aimed at providing the officials in charge of civil service human resource management with the opportunity to study the good practices of selected European countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Poland) in the light of ongoing civil service reforms in Armenia.
Among the workshop participants were representatives from RA CSC, EU Delegation to Armenia, as well as from staffs of civil service institutions. Opening remarks were made by Manvel Badalyan, RA CSC Chairman, Paulius Strelciunas, representative of the EU Delegation to Armenia, and Garegin Melkonyan, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Republic of Armenia.
Welcoming the participants, M. Badalyan highlighted the importance of the workshop in the context of civil service reforms in RA and expressed confidence that it would have a positive impact on developing the capacities and improving the professional skills of HRM representatives.
At the workshop, the European experts made presentations on human resource management related issues and introduced their country achievements as well as the challenges they faced while reforming and improving their HRM systems. The civil servants that participated in the workshop were actively involved in discussions, introducing their viewpoints on key issues.
The main vision of civil service reforms is to create a merit-based, professional, fair and transparent civil service system, ensuring equal opportunities for all, in line with international best practices of public administration.