Two-day Workshop in Yerevan on Building Capacities to Enforce Civil Service Legislation

Within the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership Panel on Public Administration Reform, the Civil Service Council of the Republic of Armenia jointly with the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia held a two-day workshop on “Building Capacities to Enforce Civil Service Legislation”, 16-17 November, Yerevan.
The event was targeted at discussing with those in charge of civil service in the EU and Eastern Partnership countries the good practices of properly enforcing civil service legislation and building human resource capacities, as well as a number of other key issues related to civil service reforms.
Among the participants of the workshop were more than 80 representatives from the RA civil service institutions, the EU Delegation to Armenia, as well as from the civil service coordinating bodies of Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.
In the course of the event the participants came up with presentations and reports on civil service related issues, more specifically, on the reform agenda, the capacity building of human resource units, reforming the training system, recruitment, e-governance and other.
At the closing of the workshop, the CSC Chairman Manvel Badalyan handed to the participants the respective certificates and reaffirmed that the effective collaboration in the frame of EaP will continue to develop further.