EU Officials Visit RA Civil Service Council

The Chairman of RA Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan held a meeting with Paulius Strelciunas, a newly appointed International Cooperation Officer at the EU Delegation to Armenia, and Damien Ruggeri, representing Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, Program Manager at the Centre of Thematic Expertise on Public Administration Reform - Thematic Support, Monitoring and Evaluation, 4 October 2017. The Chairman of the Council spoke about the ongoing civil service reforms in Armenia, targeted at ensuring a more transparent, fair, professional and efficient system. Badalyan mentioned that the current reforms are aimed at improving the human resource management and enhancing the quality of public services to meet the needs of citizens. Among the issues highlighted was the EU support to civil service in line with the European principles of public administration. In addition, further EU support to civil service reforms was also discussed with the EU officials.