RA CSC Delegation Visits Odessa

At the invitation of the Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the delegation headed by Manvel Badalyan, Chairman of the Civil Service Council of the Republic of Armenia, visited Odessa, Ukraine, to participate in IX Annual Richelieu Academic Readings on “Professional Development and Training of Civil Servants and Local Self-Government Officials: Challenges, Objectives, Perspectives”, jointly organized by the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service and National Agency for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, within the framework of the Panel on Public Administration Reform under the Multilateral Platform, “Democracy, Good Governance and Stability” of the EU initiative Eastern Partnership, 20-22 September 2017.
In the course of the event, key issues and methods were discussed related to reforming and modernization of the system of professional development and training of civil servants and local self-government officials in the EU Member States and Eastern Partnership countries in accordance with the recent requirements for public administration and civil service.
Among the participants of the event were representatives of government authorities from EU Member States and Eastern Partnership countries, experts from international organizations, representatives of higher educational establishments that provide professional training for Master’s Degree in “Public Management and Administration”, representatives of centers for retraining and professional training for representatives of government authorities, as well as those of local self-government authorities, state enterprises and civil society organizations.
The Armenian delegation was represented by the Chairman of the Council, the RA Public Administration Academy and a civil society representative. In his speech, the Chairman of the Council Manvel Badalyan introduced the measures taken by the Council to resolve the current civil service related issues. A special reference was made to developing the mechanisms and methodology for the training needs assessment and the piloting. The Chairman stressed the importance of open and sincere discussions on current key issues and challenges, the study of practices of partner countries and the international experience, as well as the comparative benchmarking of results.
During the visit, on the 21st of September, the Chairman of the Council also met with the Odessa Armenian Community Chair Samvel Tigranyan.