CSC Chairman Met with Young People who were Receiving Certificates for Junior Positions

On May 4, Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council, Manvel Badalyan held a traditional meeting with young people who were eligible to receive a certificate for occupying civil service junior positions. This time his guests were winners of the second round of this year’s certificate testing for occupation of junior positions.
Congratulating them on that occasion, Mr. Badalyan noted that with recorded success young people confirm that knowledge is the strongest tool to pave their own way, to self-affirm, which will also become the key for improving the image of public administration and increasing the effectiveness. "Civil service is a dedication and mission in the first place, not just a means of solving social problems, while the solution to social problems will depend on what will be the quality of public servants. We believe that people who are professional, knowledgeable, intellectual and innovatively thinking shape the future of the state and the civil service in particular. Public service system is still very rigid, certain stereotypes from the past are still dominant, which the new generation should be able to break," said the Council Chairman, adding that one of the most pleasant moments of his work activity is meeting with youth who overcome the testing and handing them over the certificates.
During the meeting, the Council Chairman inquired about the preferences of young people, their education, and then the sincere and straight conversation took place about the test procedure for obtaining a certificate and how to improve its mechanisms. Mentioning, that if you master the secondary school programs, the test assignment is not complicated, participants came up with interesting proposals. The CSC Chairman promised to consider those proposals in reforming the civil service recruitment and selection mechanisms.
At the end of the meeting Mr. Badalyan presented certificates to young people, wishing them continuous self-development, career growth and success in personal and professional life.
N.B.: 163 citizens have participated in this round of testing, 27 out of them or 16.5 percent of participants succeeded in obtaining the right to receive a certificate for occupying junior civil service position.