Deliberations on Current Results of WB Supported Projects Implemented in Civil Service

On May 3, the RA CSC Chairman Manvel Badalyan received the World Bank Armenia Second Public Sector Modernization Project Mission group on Implementation Status Results Report.
During the meeting the impact and results of the implemented reforms on civil service component of the project’s second stage were discussed.
Specifically, 7 training modules and corresponding software platform of civil servants’ distance learning system in the framework of the second stage of the Project were elaborated. The system is available to civil servants from 2016. According to the CSC Chairman, the training system through distance learning platform allows to save considerable resources and gives civil servants an opportunity to even engage in on-the-job learning, develop and improve the relevant managerial and professional skills.
In the framework of the Project the electronic human resources management information system operating in the civil service has been modernized, which enabled to significantly speed up the documents flow and management effectiveness of different services between agencies.
Within the context of the Project, also with the support of the RA Government, the work is underway to increase the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system of the civil servants and making it as a motivation tool for employees. After the test run and readjustment, the newly improved appraisal system will be applied in the public administration.
The meeting also covered the topic of deep reforms envisaged in the public administration system conditioned by constitutional amendments accomplished in Armenia and a switch to the parliamentary government system, and within its framework, the prospects of the strategic development of the civil service.
Expressing gratitude for the logistics, methodological and software support provided by the World Bank for modernization of the civil service system, M. Badalyan noted that the World Bank supported programs greatly contributed to the development and consolidation of the civil service system.
The two sides expressed satisfaction for the cooperation progress.