The working visit of the CSC Chairman Manvel Badalyan to Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium

The delegation, led by Mr. Manvel Badalyan, Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council, was in Brussels from March 14 to 16, under the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument TAIEX and through the joint efforts of the European Commission and the Belgian Training Institute of the Federal Administration.
The goal was to explore the best practices of the EU in the field of Belgian civil service recruitment and selection, institutional mechanisms for professional development and improvement.
The specifics of the Belgian management system, needs assessment, online training, civil servants’ performance evaluation, career planning, job classification and promotion, as well as mobility features were examined during the visits and meetings at two main public institutions responsible for human resource management and training - Belgian Civil Service Recruitment Agency (SELOR) and Belgian Training Institute of the Federal Administration (TIFA).
The delegation also got acquainted with the working conditions of civil servants and innovative ways of promoting efficiency.
The CSC Chairman introduced the scope of Armenia's civil service system and specifics of human resources management toolkit during his meeting with Mr. Koen Verlinden, Head of SELOR. He noted that the Belgian experience is interesting for Armenia mainly from the point of view of the ongoing reforms of the civil service system in Armenia to be brought into line with European principles and standards and the desire to find targeted and effective solutions. The sides discussed the possibilities of expansion of cooperation between the civil service management and organization bodies of Belgium and Armenia. Parties agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the future.