Civil Service Reform Process discussed with WB

On March 30, the Chairman of the RA Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan received the World Bank mission on extending implementation support on “Public Sector Modernization Project” to Armenia. In the course of the meeting discussions were held on current results of the Second Project related to sector reforms envisaged by the civil service component.
The RA CSC Chairman extended his appreciation to WB for the considerable logistics and methodological support targeted at the modernization of the civil service system. Manvel Badalyan noted that all the processes outlined in the Project mostly reached their final stage. In particular, activities related to developing distance learning modules for civil servants and their compliance with developed software program, as well as integrating electronic human resource management program into other electronic systems applied in the field of public administration in Armenia, are closing to an end. In addition, after developing a new methodology and standards for the evaluation of civil service positions, the efficiency thereof is currently being tested within the scope of the pilot project implemented in five state bodies. Following the analysis of findings and the elimination of revealed possible shortcomings, the new evaluation system will be launched across the whole sector. Besides, activities related to enhancing the efficiency of civil service ethics commissions in state bodies are currently underway.
The parties expressed content with the pace of the Project implementation. The team members expressed their hope that it creates good prerequisites for the further stage of the Project. They also expressed interest in the adopted “RA Civil Service Reform Strategy”, in particular, in the implementation of mechanisms contributing to the shift to a merit based civil service.