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If you are interested in job within the system of the civil service, then in this section you can find all the relevant information, as well as benefit from some online services provided by the Republic of Armenia Civil Service Council.
In the “Vacancies” subsection you can find announcements concerning competitions for occupation of the highest, chief and leading positions in civil service, as well as announcements concerning junior positions emerging in the staffs of the respective bodies included in the system. You can find attached questionnaires necessary for the participation in the competition testing stage for occupation of each position.
The “Temporary Vacant Position” subsection is designed in particular for the civil servants registered in the Short-term Reserve and citizens registered in the Long-term Reserve. Here you can find information about the temporary vacant positions emerging in the civil service system, the conditions and terms of occupation, requirements the candidates should meet.
The “Junior Positions” subsection is for the citizens, who wish to replenish, in particular, the junior vacant positions in the civil service. Here you can get comprehensively acquainted with the procedure of becoming a civil servant, its legal basis. In addition, this subsection is a tool for them to provide online applications and required documents for participation in certification testing for occupation of the junior positions, see the testing results, lists of the citizens who passed the testing and obtained certification, access online testing questionnaires and the schedule.
“Reserve” subsection provides the opportunity to follow who, on which basis and terms are included in the Short-term and Long-term Reserves of the civil service.