There are some E-Services developed by the RA Civil Service Council, which make some processes concerning the Council easier and more efficient.
To Apply
“To See the Answer to the Application”
The “Apply for the Testing” subsection is meant to make the process of obtaining certificate for occupation of a civil servant’s junior position easier and more efficient. This service contributes to increasing of work efficiency, timesaving, simplification and easy access for applying process, as well as guaranteeing data accuracy represented in compliance with the formats put in this subsection.
The “See the Answer to the Application for Testing” subsection offers an opportunity to follow online and receive the answer to the application, which guarantees comfort, efficiency and timesaving.
The “See the Passport of the Position” subsection provides the opportunity, with the codes of the civil service positions, to see the passports for all the civil service positions, get acquainted with the rights and obligations designed for the civil servant occupying that position, the professional knowledge and working skills required for occupying that position.